When selecting the use cases for media types audio, image and generic, users are to refer to the Functional Use Case: Video section.
While media types may be configured individually, users can still opt to have the segment lists mapped as the specified under the Functional Use Case Video Page.

Image Assets in MediaPortal Connector

Under the MediaPortal Page, Image, the image index name of MediaPortal can be specified as "Context System Id". You can also specify a specific Metadata Mapping for images or use the same as that used for videos:

Send to MediaPortal

Additionally, users may enable Send to workflows on images. This can be performed when you can activate Image as ContextSystemType for the corresponding Send to workflow in section "MediaPortal -> Send-to" in ConfigPortal:
All items with media type Image will be synced to the defined MediaPortal image index. To get an image preview in MediaPortal, the items must have in addition to at least a thumbnail representation, ideally a poster representation.