The MediaPortal Connector now syncs original timecodes to MediaPortal if these are available on the asset. These include original (non-zero based) start timecodes of videos and also an original timecode list that might be attached to an asset, e.g. if it was originally stitched from several original videos (e.g. camera cards or discs).
The original timecodes are stored as metadata to the asset in Vidispine with the original start timecode being stored as global metadata to the item. Intermediate original timecodes are stored as segments (time-based filed groups) to the item.
The MediaPortal Connector syncs those values to MediaPortal, where they are then displayed in the video player.
The proxy video and its original start timecode are always synced by the MediaPortal Connector to MediaPortal. The S4M Transcoder preserves the original start timecode from the original video so that proxy videos which were transcoded by S4M Transcoder also provide an original timecode in MediaPortal.
Additionally, segments of original timecodes might be stored to an asset in Vidispine. A good example for this being the task for stitching videos which creates original timecodes. These are also synced to MediaPortal.
Please note that MediaPortal requires specific configuration for in order for original timecodes to be displayed in this manner.