As a Vidispine API and Vidinet user, you have a big developer team [JS1] [NV2] [JS3] continually improving and adapting the core engine of Vidispine API to meet new feature and performance requirements. In this release of Vidispine API 5.2 we have some more news we can’t wait to share with you. 

Now supports Cent OS 8.0 

Vidispine has now qualified support for the latest Cent OS 8.0, the open-source version of the RedHat Linux distribution. The support for Cent OS 8.0 allows you to stay up to date with the latest RPM-based distributions for both RedHat and Cent OS in regards to updates and security patches."

Notification improvements

Use the Amazon Simple notification system (SNS) to coordinate and manage both delivery and sending of messaging to subscribing endpoints or clients.

Vidspine Server can trigger notifications on a number of events and resources.

See below example

When a new item gets imported into the Vidispine Server a notification can be triggered and sent to an SNS service to be distributed to several Simple Queue Services (SQS) queues read by different customer departments.

<NotificationDocument xmlns="">
    <sns synchronous="false">

For more information on notifications see here. 

Other important improvements 

  • Paging support for user group search (#4162).

  • Support job facet counts

  • Case insensitive user search (#4118).

  • Filter users by enabled/disabled status (#4072).

  • Add support for audio level adjustments on the NLEJob timeline (#4025).

  • Support mixing of sequence renditions (#3848).

  • Improve the performance of fetching metadata with “defaultValue=true” in a cluster environment. (#4319).

  • Support SQL Query rewriting for MSSQL (#4324).

  • Be able to configure the batch size in DeletionLockBufferCruncher. (#4099)

Bug fixes

  • Remove unused database indexes (#4280).

  • Possible infinite retry of a job step (#4259).

  • Slow indexing on system using external ids (#4101).

  • Deletion-lock does not show full siteId in systems using long identifiers (#4195).

  • EXPORT job is incorrectly marked as FINISHED if one of its steps fails due to being DISAPPEARED (#4200).

  • Fix possible NegativeArraySizeException when uploading large files to S3 (#4256)

  • Abort Vidispine job if transfer step throws a runtime exception (#4305)

Transcoder fixes

  • Incorrect results from CONFORM job on long GOP material (#3549).

  • Deinterlacing provides the wrong frame rate (#4258)

  • Thumbnail background settings in TranscodePresetDocument does not take effect (#3909)

  • Scaling is ignored in NLEJob (#4023)

  • Subtitle rendering is broken for all video formats that are not 4:2:0 (#4024)

  • Closed Captions(EIA-608,CEA-708) not found (#4246)

Upgrading from 5.1

·       Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.

For a full list and more details see:

API documentation