VidiCore and VidiCoder are the two fundamental technologies behind many of the Vidispine media supply chain services. Because of this, you will also have first access to the latest technologies and updates from our developer team through the VidiCore API. 

In the latest version, 5.4, we have some great new features and improvements for our users. 


Two new services will make their way into our media services platform VidiNet.

Nablet Heightscreen service

Media today is consumed on many different screens and sizes. Not all of them are 16:9 anymore. 

Square sizes 1:1 and 9:16 portrait modes are becoming more and more popular. With Nablet Heightscreen you will now be able to automatically detect the visual element of interest in your original 16:9 footage and adapt this element into a new pixel ratio – such as the 9:16 portrait mode or the popular square 1:1. Nablet Heightsceen simplifies the delivery of media to multiple targets with different ratios. 

Nablet Heightscreen is available as a media service in VidiNet. 

POST /item/VX-123/shape/VX-456/analyze
Content-Type: application/xml
<AnalyzeJobDocument xmlns="">

Nablet Shrynk service

Sports have been driving both business and technology in the media industry since the dawn of television and continue to do so. With the new machine learning architecture, we are now entering a new era of automation. With the Nablet Shrynk, we can automatically detect goals and scores in a game and conform these clips for second-screen viewing. 

Provide your viewers with instant updates on ongoing games and competitions automatically with the new Nablet Shrynk service in VidiNet.

Current game types supported

Bitmovin encoder for AWS service

A new output has been added in the Bitmovin encoder for AWS service – the widely used MPEG-DASH for OTT distribution. VidiNet[JS1] [IJ2]  customers [SA3] [JS4] [JS5] [JS6] [JS7] [IJ8] [JS9] are now able to create MPEG-DASH representations with varying bit rate and resolution along with the corresponding manifest for VOD delivery to multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV, Chromecasts and similar. 

Customer workflow improvements

Vidispine keeps a close relationship with our customers to understand how each unique customer media supply chain's requirements evolve.  This relationship is how we can improve and support important functionality based on our customer feedback. 

Below are some of these very important improvements.

Storage scans

For large storages it can sometimes be useful to only rescan a specific portion of it. This can now be done by triggering a storage rescan with a prefix specified (#4091).

Job improvements

When using custom jobs and/or custom JavaScript job steps to implement a workflow, there can be jobs that need to start and/or wait for other jobs to finish before proceeding. For example, a custom export job may need to wait for a transcode job to finish.

To avoid delays due to excessive waiting, custom jobs can now wait on other jobs using the new job.waitForJobs() function (#4360).

For example:

job.waitForJobs('Waiting for jobs to finish...', jobIds);

We hope this VidiCore API 5.4 gives you new ideas on extending and improving your digital media supply chain. If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact us

For a full list and more details on this release, see release notes in the API DOC