As a VidiCore and VidiNet user, you have a developer team continually improving and adapting the core engine of VidiCore to meet new feature and performance requirements. In the release of VidiCore 5.3, we have some news we can’t wait to share with you!

New names

As a part of the new go-to-market brand, the complete product portfolios of Arvato Systems Broadcast Solutions and Vidispine were brought together. Bringing the portfolio together allowed us to restructure the combined portfolio, including renaming some elements. So, in this release of VidiCore 5.3, we are presenting some of the new names:


Vidispine Server, Vidispine API, VaaS are now all called VidiCore. The packages and names in documentation will change during the second half of 2020. Consequently, VSA and VMA now stand for VidiCore Server Agent and VidiCore Management Agent.


The transcoder’s new name is VidiCoder. Packages and documentation will change to reflect the new name during 2020.

Breaking changes

  • The priority attribute in the MergedAccessDocument has been changed to rank (#4430). Check doc for more information.

  • If you’re using external identifiers, database migration may require manual intervention. Check the “Upgrading from 5.2” section below for details.

New file analyze endpoints

Shape deduction can now be performed on non-imported files or IMF packages in VidiCore (#4039).

POST /storage/{storage-id}/file/{file-id}/analyze

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<JobDocument xmlns="">

The resulting shape can be found in the job metadata and retrieved using the new shape endpoint on a file.

Important improvements 

  • Bulky metadata storage (#4440)

  • Configurable site prefix, identifier format, and logging level via the API (#4417)

  • Entity ownership transfer (#4327)

  • VSA Thread configuration (#4226)

  • VidiCoder (Transcoder) library update

Other improvements

  • Add support for Bearer token validation using a public key (#4478).

  • Implement support for import of MPEG-DASH package (#4379).

  • Implement support for export of MPEG-DASH package (#4381).

Bug fixes

  • There can be duplicate external identifiers for the same entity type (#4350).

  • Sidecar file cannot be imported for the second time (#4235).

  • Glacier Vault storage can only get credentials from (#4219).

Upgrading from 5.2

Find information on how to upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 here.

For a full list and more details on this release, see API Doc