Selecting the "Lens" (1) icon in the media management area will open the Browse Content tab. It is from here that users are able to search for media. When performing a search, all results are listed within the tab along with their id, type, title and additional metadata. Media of the video type will automatically generate a thumbnail image of the clip's first frame, allowing users to more easily recognize a clip's content. Additionally, the "Duration" metadata column indicates the length of a clip. Within the search field, users are able to search for content based on the title. Please note that the result view is customizable and might depend on the system design which depends on the installation and version used (see: Media search grid configuration [ VE 20.2 OG]).

VidiEditor’s search is a basic search not comparable to advanced search applications. It is meant to be a fast and easy access to media generated in the system. It allows users to search media based on the media’s title, ID and the configured metadata. Also the search filters the result list based on different criteria. The main goal for this is to display media in the search that is usable in VidiEditor. Below, aspects worth considering for the different media types:



Images (In development)

  • Images are found, but are not usable end-to-end yet.


  • Collections are found when of the type “Persisted_Bin“. Other Collections are not found.

    • Items in a collection will be blend out if not supported by VidiEditor

Camera card container

  • Are a specific sub type of the media type video and are found as video with same filter criteria.

If users want to view the content of the clip itself, they can select and click on the context menu icon (2) and select the "Add to Source Preview" (3) option  to view it in the Source Preview player (4). Alternatively, the video can be placed there via drag and drop (see also: Preview Player: Source Preview).

The following tutorial video covers several of these aspects: Tutorial: Basic Media Usage.