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Stitching images [VC 21.3.1 GEN]

This resource provides an easy way of stitching images together. The result is cached in memory (and Memcached if it is activated in the configuration properties) for 3 hours.

It can be used with any image content and is not bound to be used with material imported in Vidispine. However, a typical usage of this service would be to assemble together representative thumbnails from several items of a collection.

This request must go to http://server:8080/APInoauth/ instead of the usual http://server:8080/API/

For a better quality rendering configure your Vidispine to use ImageMagick, see Configuration properties!

Don’t forget to URL encode all parameters!

Stitching images

Stitch images

GET /APInoauth/stitch
Query Parameters:
  • uri (string[]) – Multiple URI instances of the images to use. For example: uri=img1.png&uri=img2.png&uri=img3.png

  • geometry (string) – Geometry of the collage. For example, 100x50+10+10 will first downscale every image to fit in 100x50 then add a 10 pixels padding. If no parameter is specified, the original dimensions are used.

  • tile (string) – The tiling strategy. Examples are 2x2 or 2x or x3… If no parameter is specified, the system will try find the best alignment.

  • format (string) – The format of the output image. Default is PNG.

  • background (string) – The color of the background. Default is white. Color can be specified as hex values (0xffffff, #ffffff) or as name (white). none will create an image with transparent background (PNG only).

  • image/png , image/jpeg – The stitched image


GET /stitch?
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