The error log report is used to collect information about the Vidispine installation, and contains information about certain jobs or items. A log report should always be included if you encounter an issue that you wish to report to us .


This tool is located at [your server]:8080/LogReport. After filling in all the information, press Extract and collect logs and wait while the system extract the needed logs; this might take a while. Then press on ‘Save report’ and save the created .zip-file on your computer. Then send this file to your Vidispine reseller.

Required fields

Error report information

This is where you describe your problem. Be specific on what the problem is, what you did when it appeared.

Time span

What time did the error occurred? Set start time and end time


Your Vidispine user-name and password

Optional fields

Fill in this information if any is applicable on the particular problem you are having..


The id of the job that failed, if applicable to the issue.


The id of the item that the issue relates to, if applicable.


The id of the storage that the issue relates to, if applicable.


Name of the Vidispine user that was used when this problem occurred.

Programmatically retrieving log files

If your application has a custom form for reporting issues then you can instead collect the log files using the Vidispine logs resource.

For example, to retrieve a log report for a specific job:

GET API/vidispine-logs?job=VX-32&comment=Incorrect%20aspect%20ratio%20of%20transcoded%20image
Accept: application/zip
200 OK
Content-Type: application/zip
Transfer-Encoding: chunked