With VidiCore 5.2.2 a new option "probeFileBeforeClosing"can be activated for VidiCore storages. This enables a better handling of growing files.


If this option is activated for a storage, VidiCore will ensure that OPEN files are readable and are not being modified by any other process before marking them as CLOSED.
This is especially useful for watchfolder storages on Windows file systems (mounted to VidiCore). Previously, VidiCore marked files as CLOSED after the limit defined by "closeLimit".
Also, the usage of "fileGrowingTimeout" and "fileNotGrowingTimeout" did not help, because they only checked the "metadata" filesize for growing. In Windows, this is directly set to the final size, even if the file is still growing (e.g. when copying large files).
This new flag can be set to true, so that VidiCore will only set the file to "CLOSED" when it is really finished.


Whenever a storage configuration of a VidiCore accessible storage is saved, this new option is activated on that storage. For existing storage configurations, one must edit the storage and save changes to activate this option. This option is only effective on storages with a storage method of type "FILE".