The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.

Release Notes are divided into the following sections:



Release 22.1

Dependencies and Components

Dependencies with Products and Services


Premiere Pro

v. 22 / 2022 & v. 15 / 2021


Metadata Tags

Users can now configure if a metadata be handled as a tag - with tags being visible at the search result level. The configuration of this option occurs in the ConfigPortal Global configuration page Metadata. EditMate shows specific UI controls for this.


Create New Sequence Based on Preset

Users can now jumpstart sequence creation via the EditMate Panel with the click of a single button. The sequence is based on the specified EditMate preset and is generated as an empty sequence in Premiere.

Creating a Sequence in Premiere [EM 22.1 UG]

Open in Source Player

After performing a search via the EditMate Panel, users can now evaluate the material before deciding whether to import it into their project. An option play the item in Premiere’s Source Player is now available.

How do I import media? [EM 22.1 UG] | Evaluating-Media-Before-Import

Open of VidiEditor Project with Effects

EditMate now supports the following VidiEditor transitions, translating these from a VidiEdtor project o into a a Premiere project.

  • Video dissolve

  • Audio cross fade

Workflow Version and Label

Users can now apply a label to workflows used by EditMate. When specifying workflows in EditMate’s use case configuration pages (in ConfigPortal), users now have the choice to edit the expressed workflow name. by using a label instead of the technical name. This results in the workflow label being shown in the panel.

It is now also possible to specify which version of the workflow is meant to be used, instead of only the latest. This can also be configured in ConfigPortal whenever selecting a workflow for a use case page.

Audio Raw vs House Format

EditMate now includes audio-only files when choosing between the Raw vs House Format import settings option in the panel.

Functional Use Case General [EM 22.1 OG] | Audio-Only-also-for-House-Format