Metadata layouts for displaying and editing metadata can now also be defined for segments. Segments are time-based metadata groups which can be assigned to items and collections.


In ConfigPortal, one can specify the different metadata layouts in section "EDIT METADATA LAYOUT -> CUSTOM LAYOUT".
In previous versions, it was already possible to create different views for different media-types, categories, and user groups.
Now, one can also add the actual segment list as criteria for a layout design. The segment list refers to a (time-based) metadata group.

When you select an existing group for "Segment List", you can use all metadata fields of that group to create a layout for the metadata view.
The metadata NPM package can be opened in a supporting UI, like MediaPortal, on a specific segment. Depending on the actual segment, the corresponding layout will be chosen for displaying the values of its metadata and allow one to edit those values.
Please refer to VidiFlow Integration Guide for the integration of the metadata component.