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Python-based environments and requirements to integrate with Vidispine API.



With our new Python SDK you will direct access to the correct arguments and datatypes for the Vidispine API which of course makes it much easier to get started building your media supply chain with Vidispine API.

System requirements and pre-requisites

  • Vidispine 5.x verified, accessible and running

  • understanding of the Vidispine API configuration and infrastructure

  • a python 3.4+ environment

  • how to use the PIP installer

  • or how to install from our GitHub repository including a GitHub account


The Python environment installs on Windows, OSX, and Linux. As mentioned earlier Vidispine recommends users to install Python 3 for future compliance.  

Please use below common install using shell.

Pip install Vidispine 

Or install directly from the source at the Vidispine GitHub Repository

Usage example

After successfully installed Python you are ready to test your first script. In this example, we retrieve the server information using a python call to Vidispine API

 Use your favourite Python Editing environment and follow along


 ### Getting vidispine server version information


from __future__ import print_function

import vidispine

from import ApiException

from pprint import pprint


configuration = vidispine.Configuration()

# Configure HTTP basic auth

configuration.username = 'YOUR_USERNAME'

configuration.password = 'YOUR_PASSWORD'


# Create an instance of the API class

system_api = vidispine.SystemApi(vidispine.ApiClient(configuration))




    # Get version info

    api_response = system_api.get_version()


except ApiException as e:

    print("Exception when getting version info: %s\n" % e)


As of January 1, 2020 the core development team of the Python Software foundation will no longer support, update or provide new versions of Python. So, of possible – use Python 3.