Any object searchable in EditMate WebUI can be exported to a predetermined location. This can be done by selecting the object(s) from the search result list (1) and selecting the main menu's "Export" option (2).

Once the "Export" option has been selected, users will be presented with a dedicated export window.
In addition to displaying a list of the selected objects, users are able to select the desired export location (3) and the shape tags (3) they want to implement during the export. This can be particularly helpful for scenarios in which users may wish to transcode the original file to a different format during the export.
It is important to note that the shape tag selection will be applied to all of the items selected – which are conveniently displayed under "Assets selected for export:".
Ticking the "Include metadata" box will also export the object's metadata along with the object itself and its proxy. The exported metadata is available in the form of an .XML file with the same name as the exported object. Both the exported object and metadata file are available in the export storage.