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VPMS-2 [ENT 21.3 OG]

The VPMS-2 External Interfaces configuration set displays a series of web services responsible for connecting VidiFlow to VPMS-2. Clicking on the "Show more details" button next to each web service will display a detailed view of each web service's configuration options.
The following web services are currently available under External Interfaces VPMS 2:

  • Workflow
  • Check-in
  • Metadata

VPMS-2 Considerations

When adding or editing a VPMS-2 External Interfaces web service, users should consider the following aspects:

  • What the endpoint URLs are for the web service.
  • Necessary credentials.

In addition to the configuration aspects specified via ConfigPortal itself, users must take into account VidiFlow's setup in the context of VPMS 2. We recommend that users intending to specify any of VPMS 2's external interfaces be in contact with their appointed Arvato Systems engineer.

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