All media contained in the Project Bin is listed along with its title, type, duration and additional metadata (1) relevant to the media type. As a result, users are able to quickly evaluate the assets in question, as well as review their content in the Source Preview player. By clicking on the "three dot" (2) icon, users can open the context menu for media in the Project Bin and select the "Add to Source Preview" (3) option. Alternatively, users can simply drag the media into the Source Preview or into the timeline.

It is important to note that media contained in the Project Bin is not only used in specific projects, but also shared across the media repository. As a consequence, users can only Remove media (3) from the Project Bin, but not from the media repository via VidiEditor. As shown below, this can be done by selecting the "Remove from Project" option from the context menu.

Media: In Use

It is important to note that VidiEditor also indicates whether any of the items in the Project Bin are currently being used in the timeline (1).

The "In Use" mark is not just applicable entire clips being inserted into the timeline. This is also valid for partial clips which have marked with in IN and OUT points in the Source Preview player. As a result, as long as a portion of a media asset is used in the timeline, it will be marked as "In Use" in the Project Bin as well.