Vidispine offers a complete portfolio of our own applications to create, produce, prepare, manage and monetize media, complimented by tightly integrated applications from our partners. Drawing on decades of experience in developing and deploying media management solutions worldwide our solutions cover a broad spectrum of functional blocks required to meet the demands of tomorrow's Media Asset Management environment, today. Each individual product's architecture is built-on the latest technology and trends and is geared towards maximizing the efficiency of day-to-day workflows.

Vidispine Services

Vidispine Services are at the foundation of our media management solutions, providing a robust basis for a modern MAM system and Media Supply Chain.

  • VidiCore - A cutting-edge media management back-end that forms the foundation for your media infrastructure.
  • VidiCoder - A state of the art media transcoder and processing engine
  • VidiStream – Our unique streaming engine that enables distributed working for the enterprise
  • Cognitive Services – An intelligence layer for integrating artificial intelligence, intelligently

Vidispine Applications

Our applications handle all the technical complexity in the background so users can focus on the task at hand, be that finding clips, annotating shots or editing media together.

  • MediaIngest – Orchestrating the ingest of tapes, files, feeds and streams.
  • MediaPortal – The hub for finding, viewing, collecting and sharing content.
  • VidiEditor – Fast & flexible, browser-based editing.
  • VidiFlow – Workflow orchestration and content management.
  • EditMate – Workgroup editing and collaboration.

Every organization faces its own set of challenges. Every organization deserves its own set of solutions. With the Vidispine portfolio, media organizations are given the freedom to choose products individually or combine and scale them to measure. Our solutions can also be tailored to their unique requirements, ensuring that organizations are able to differentiate their offering in an increasingly competitive video economy.


  • Deploy and scale functional blocks independently.
  • Automate execution of business processes.
  • Access media during encoding, recording and transfer for fast turnaround workflows.
  • Exploit SOA-based infrastructure with web services allow integration of third party systems.
  • Deliver your assets to linear and non-linear platforms.
  • Access your media, any time, from anywhere with intuitive web-based user clients.