VidiEditor can be deployed through Vidinet, running it natively on a Vidispine as a Service instance (VaaS) also hosted on Vidinet. No other middleware is required.

Prerequisites to use VidiEditor:

  • Running VaaS instance on Vidinet

  • S3 storage usable for VidiEditor and VidiCoder

  • S3 Storage configured into your VaaS instance

  • Configurations via VidiCore API as mentioned in Configuration documentation

Steps to deploy VidiEditor:

  • Login to your Vidinet account at

  • Go to Store and Select VidiEditor

  • Set needed parameters

    • Display Name

    • Location

    • The Endpoint of you VaaS instance and password to spin up VidiEditor

    • Your Service Group

    • Pricing Model

  • Choose “Launch” to start the service

  • The Service will pop up under “My Services“ in Vidinet

  • The Link to the VidiEditor GUI will be available under “My Services → VidiEditor → Endpoint“

  • Most configurations are added on default, when starting the service. To publish a timeline to a new video file transcoding presets (Shape Tags) and target storages must be configured. See configuration documentation for details.