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Staging Aspects in ConfigPortal User Interface [ENT 21.4 OG]

This section focuses on ConfigPortal's UI by covering UI related aspects relevant to the Staging process.
Please note that during the Staging process, a "read-only" mode will take effect.

Read/Write Mode during Stages

As is the case with ConfigPortal in general, only certain users are allowed to edit configurations whereas others are only allowed to view configurations.
If a user is initiating the Staging process it is important to note that all users apart from the synchronization's initiator are now blocked from configuring. All other users are now in read only mode and are notified that the Staging process is currently in effect. This is done to prevent conflicts.
During the Staging process old data is delivered through the API. Once Staging begins and one wishes to confirm the merging and synchronization of data, the new data is delivered through the API. Should one decide to cancel at the end, a complete rollback to the version state before the Staging wizard was initiated is performed.

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