One of EditMate's key functional features is the ability to save projects so that the changes are updated centrally. As a result, EditMate users working in separate editing stations are able to update the state of their projects so that these can be made available to other EditMate users or themselves at different stations. Saving changes for any object via EditMate online will update the object changes in the media repository accordingly. Should multiple users be working on the same project, but not simultaneously, their individual changes will also be updated to the object whenever selecting the "Save" option. As such, EditMate users should be aware that a project may reflect changes not updated by themselves, but by other users when last saved. Opening a project at a later date may open a project in which other updates have been included.

When saving a managed project, EditMate users will notice that all other functions are locked by Adobe Premiere until the saving process has been completed. This results in users being unable to perform any actions, switch modules via EditMate and preserves the integrity of the project by avoiding concurrent changes.