When you are adding a S3 storage to VidiCore, you can get this java error message;

Java comes with a default maximum strength of 128 bits.

What you need is a set of files called Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files and is currently available at the Java SE download page. This zip file contains a couple of policy jars, which you need copy over the top of the ones already in the {java.home}/jre/lib/security directory of your JRE. This will let you change the key strength above 128 bits

For Java 8, it will depend on the classpath. If one of the JCE jars (local_policy.jar or US_export_policy.jar) is present, then JCE unlimited cryptography is enabled. Maybe the Spring Boot application has this dependency fulfilled, but your tests not.

The JCE jars for Java 8 can be found in the link below;