Another feature supported by EditMate is the possibility to render all published sequences centrally. Because local rendering can be extremely time-consuming due to intensive processor tasks, users can choose to delegate the rendering process to a machine other than their own and avoid any unnecessary downtime that could otherwise be used for editing.

HiRes Remote Rendering
When initiating the publishing process, users will be granted the opportunity to enter metadata, as well as select any desired export settings. Additionally, users are able to select the "Remote Rendering" option when in "on-premise" mode.
Please note that for remote rendering to be possible an EditMate AME panel needs to be installed on top of the Adobe Media Encoder as extension.

Proxy Remote Rendering
It is important to note that when "On-the-Go", only the remote rendering option is available for publishing.
Having selected the "Remote Rendering" option, EditMate will relay all the sequence information, along with metadata and export settings, to be rendered by the AME centrally. This process also implies that only the HiRes version of the material used to edit the sequence when rendering said sequence.