The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.

Release Notes are divided into the following sections:


Release 21.4


Add Event with IN/OUT Markers

MediaLogger now provides two options for creating new events:

  1. Add an event at the current playhead position with a default length.

  2. Add an event with defined IN/OUT markers.

Additionally, IN/OUT markers can be comfortably changed using the “Update IN/OUT” control.

For details please see section Create events [ML 21.4 UG] .

Expanded Metadata View

With the expanded metadata view users can now switch between a condensed overview of all events showing only a subset of all metadata fields (as those seen in earlier versions of MediaLogger already) and a new expanded view that displays all metadata fields for each event. This feature is especially valuable for customers with many metadata fields or long texts that one may want to see at one glance. For details see: Event list [ML 21.4 UG] | Switch-views

Waveform Preview

MediaLogger’s player has a new control called “Show Waveform”. When this control is active, the waveforms of the currently selected audio tracks are shown as an overlay above the video preview. This feature is especially helpful for recognizing changes in the audio e.g. to recognize the start of an interview etc. . For details see Player [ML 21.4 UG] .

Please note that this feature is only available for systems running with VidiCore.

Show “has audio” Symbol per Channel

If users want to know which audio channels contain audio signals, and which are empty, they can now open the audio selection control. Next to each channel, users will see a waveform symbol if there is an audio signal on the channel. For details see Player [ML 21.4 UG] .

Please note that this feature is only available for systems running with VidiCore.

Keyframe Preview Using Trickplay-API

With 21.4, MediaLogger will create keyframes for new events using the Trickplay-API of Vidistream. In that way, keyframes are quickly generated on the fly without the need to store these keyframes in VidiCore. This will solve the open issue of 21.3 release with too many auto generated keyframes.

Open Issues

PBI 197871: Enable/Disable Audio Mix Down : we experienced issues when audio mix down is enabled in ConfigPortal. Sometimes the audio channels are not played back correctly. Currently only single or pair audio channel selection can be enabled but not playback of all audio channels.