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Publish Group Specific Dialogue (Enterprise) [VE 22.1 OG]

It is possible to customize the publish options in a system design based on the available metadata and surrounding components as explained in Publish Default Dialogue Configuration (Enterprise) [VE 22.1 OG]. On top of this, it is often a requirement to have different options for different user groups especially as often different user groups:

  • are interested in different kind of metadata fields

  • need to use specific workflows and do not want to see all available workflows

As a result, this configuration page allows one to set a configuration of the publish use case for specific user groups (mapped groups) that differs from the settings on the default publish page Publish Default Dialogue Configuration (Enterprise) [VE 22.1 OG]. If a user logged into VidiEditor that is in a group matching the group specific configuration, this configuration is used. If not, the settings from the default publish config page will be used. While the default configuration is mandatory, the group specific configuration is optional to separate the possibilities for different types of user groups.

The page can be found under:

VidiEditor → Publish → Group Specific Dialogue

All the available switches on this page are already explained in Publish Default Dialogue Configuration (Enterprise) [VE 22.1 OG] and will not be explained here again. But the difference is the configuration switch Mapped Group. which basically acts like a filter for the configuration options. So a ConfigPortal user can add mutliple mapped groups from the general mapped group configuration. Those mapped groups accumulate groups from an identity provider (e.g.: LDAP). All VidiEditor users part of this group will use the affecting configuration in VidiEditor publish. If a user is in none of the configured groups, the deafult configuration will be used.

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