The design focuses on journalists and video producers who wish to concentrate on the composition and intuitively jump into fast editing - without having to deal with complex technical parameters.
The project timeline area serves as the space in which editors are able to generate a composition by editing a sequence. VidiEditor's project timeline has been designed to offer a broad set of editing functionalities designed for an easy-to-learn editing workflow without the need of deep technical knowledge. As a result, users are able to intuitively carry out typical functions and comfortably manipulate media in the timeline intuitively, using drag and drop functionalities as well as keyboard shortcuts. These include:

  • Easy navigation

  • Unlinked video and audio segments

  • Move segments in timeline and across tracks

  • Trim in and out points

  • Choose audio channels to use

  • Ripple edit and delete

  • Move and Overwrite

  • Insert edit use case via source player

  • Copy / paste option

  • Magnetic snap functionality

  • Voice over recording

  • Zoom

  • Undo / redo

  • Waveform display

  • Audio peak meter

  • Auto save functionality

  • Mute and hide option