The Open Projects section of the Projects module offers users a list of all projects currently opened in Adobe Premiere.

Projects which are currently unmanaged, due to them not having been created via EditMate, will display a "Question Mark" next to the project icon. This is shown in the image above for the "Aproject" project. Those projects which have been created via EditMate will display the standard icon as seen for "EditMateSetups_...". Projects created locally without EditMate are per default unmanaged and will not reside in the media repository, and as a consequence are not available in EditMate's Search module. Users may check-in unmanaged projects and by doing so make these managed in EditMate.

However, it is important to note that EditMate's Open Projects section reflects those projects currently opened in Adobe Premiere. As such, newly created projects via Adobe Premiere will automatically be refreshed in EditMate's Open Projects section. This in turn grants users a complete overview of all opened projects in Adobe Premiere.
Please be aware that by selecting a project through Adobe Premiere's project selection will refresh EditMate's Project module. Switching between projects in EditMate will also be reflected in Adobe Premiere.

Check-in Unmanaged Projects and Make Them Managed

EditMate also offers the opportunity to check-in unmanaged projects, such as those created locally not through EditMate. Checking-in a project will naturally result in that project becoming managed.