EditMate is able to automatically recognize whether it is able to access the HiRes media storage. Should this be the case, EditMate will draw all of a project's media files from the HiRes media storage as well as LoRes, proxy files. When performing an import from the Search grid into the Adobe Premiere Project, only one media will be visible in Premiere. If a proxy file was imported, users are able to toggle between the HiRes version or proxy version in Adobe Premiere.
If the HiRes is not accessible, EditMate will automatically switch to the "On-the-Go" mode. When on this mode, EditMate will only import the proxy version of the video into Adobe Premiere allowing the user to seamlessly work with proxy material. Any non-video files will be imported locally for editing. Once the user reopens the project while connected to the HiRes storage, EditMate will make use of the corresponding HiRes material in addition to the proxy version.

If EditMate is not able to access the HiRes storage, it will automatically reach out to proxy media. The switch is indicated by the "Coffee Mug" icon being displayed as shown below.

Please note that EditMate's proxy editing feature requires that the PremiereFileImporter be installed on the client's machine.

On-the-Go Ingest
When in On-the-Go mode, unmanaged files in the timeline will be identified and made available for ingest. Files ingested in this manner are then uploaded to the central storage.

On-the-Go Partial Ingest
When in On the Go mode, users are given the partial ingest option. When working on a sequence in the timeline in which a segment of a local video is used, ingesting the unmanaged file will ask the user whether they want to perform a partial ingest.
A partial ingest will take into account the IO points used to specify the segment and only ingest that portion of the local video. If multiple IO marked segments are used from a local video used by the project in the timeline, a partial ingest is performed for each of these.

On-the-Go Local Proxy Editing
In addition to streaming proxy editing, if EditMate is connected to the central storage users are able to import proxy files via SMB instead of streaming the proxy.
Please note that certain proxy media, such as RDD25 a third party codec is required (the S4MPremiereFileImporter).

On-the-Go Local Publish
While in On-the-Go mode, users can publish a sequence which is rendered locally using Proxy media as the source.

On-the-Go EPR Management
While in On-the-Go mode, users are still able to add, remove, and edit render preset files directly from the Panel.

HiRes Relinking

Whenever users switch from On-the-Go Proxy back to the on-premis mode (EditMate is connected to the HiRes storage), they can instantly link and attach HiRes media.