All tasks can be selected via VidiFlow's Workflow Designer. A description of the task's behavior is provided in the following sections.

List of New Tasks

Support of External ID

VidiCore offers support for adding External Id to the following VidiCore objects, such as Items and Collections. This is useful if objects in VidiCore correspond to objects from 3rd party systems. If you assign an external Id to a VidiCore object, you can use both the actual VidiCore Id or the assigned External Id to access the actual VidiCore object.
You will find documentation about the usage of External Id in VidiCore here:
VidiFlow comes with new Workflow Tasks which support usage of External Id in workflows: Set External Id and Get Object Id.

Set External ID

The task gets a PlatformUri and an ExternalId as input. The external Id will be set to the VidiCore object identified by the PlatformUri.

Get Object ID

This task can be used the get the PlatformUri of a VidiCore object. As input you can use a PlatformUri or an external Id. If an object exists for that input Id, the PlatformUri will be returned. If the input was a PlatformUri you will get back exactly the same Id. However, you can use it in addition to check if an object with that Id exits. If the object does not exist, an interrupting boundary event will be triggered.

Get API Endpoint Response

This task can be used for simple requests to Rest API endpoints. This is a more experimental implementation, as the task gets as input credentials in clear text besides the API endpoint.
For future product realization, endpoints and credentials shall be managed in ConfigPortal and credentials shall be encrypted.