Having selected and opened EditMate from Adobe Premiere's Extensions options, EditMate's UI is presented in a unified single panel. It is highly recommended tht users first familiarize themselves with EditMate's UI layout before navigating through all of the existing modules. EditMate's main navigation bar is on panel's left-hand side and is displayed as a vertical ribbon. Each of EditMate's functional modules are aligned along the bar.

Selecting a specific module will prompt the panel to react accordingly, displaying that module's area. The functional modules displayed on the bar are listed as follows:

  • Projects module
  • Search module
  • Processes module
  • Preferences module
  • Log out

Panel and Server Versions
When using the panel, users can at any check the version for both the panel and server by clicking on the "I" icon next to the user name.
Additionally, users can retrieve any necessary 3rd party license by clicking on the respective hyperlink.