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Importing Media and Projects [EM 21.1 UG]

One of EditMate's key functional features is the ability to import media assets to currently opened projects. Users are able to benefit from all the media assets contained in their media repository by being able to search for these via the Search module. Selecting desired an asset or multiple assets to be used in projects allows users to import these individually or simultaneously.
When importing media into a project, EditMate is able to include HiRes, Proxy and RAW file formats for editing.

Importing into Managed Projects
If an EditMate user imports a media asset into a managed project, such as one existing and available via EditMate, that media asset retains its managed status. This means that the media asset is identifiable via its unique ID. Every time a managed project is opened, both the project and all of its media assets are made available to the user at their editing station.

Import a Project into Another Project

EditMate also allows users to import managed projects into currently opened and selected projects. This allows users to import all the material including sequences available in a project into the selected project. This option is available as an action when selecting a project in the search results.

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