If a user is working on "On-the-Go" mode, they will have already imported the project to their local machine. With every save, the project's state is updated to the repository.
In the event that the connection is lost, changes made the project are done so locally and not synced to the repository. If one wishes to resync their project, there are two approaches:

  1. Users can keep their EditMate session open and wait for the connection to be reestablished. Once the connection is reestablished, saving the project will resync the project's state.
  2. Users can close EditMate and Adobe Premiere. At a later point in time, when the connection is reestablished, they can open Adobe Premiere and select that project on the Startup window. Initiating EditMate and saving the project in the project's tab will resync your changes to the repository.

Warning: It is important to note that if the connection is reestablished, and a user searches for the project in the EditMate search tab, and chooses to open it, the project's last state in the repository will overwrite any changes made in the project while it was being modified without a connection.