Users are able to publish a project's sequence directly from EditMate and into the media repository. Clicking on the "Publish Sequence" button will prompt the Publish Sequence window as shown below.

Users are first given the opportunity to choose a sequence from the currently opened project, and define that sequence's title. Additionally, users are able to specify any available export preset when publishing. Once the sequence has been specified, its title defined, and an export preset assigned, clicking on the "Proceed" button will prompt the next phase when checking in a sequence - allowing for metadata input. In order to simplify the process, project metadata is carried over to the different metadata fields when publishing.
Users are able to select among a list of predefined categories, confirm approval switches, enter ratings or even specify the project's intended show time via a pop-up calendar (configurable). Once all of the metadata has been entered for the sequence, clicking on the "Publish" button will initiate the publish process, triggering the Adobe Media Encoder locally to render the sequence so that it can be checked into the media repository.
It is important to note that, whenever users publish a sequence, they have the option carry over and display a project's metadata in the publish dialog window.
Please note that when a sequence is checked in, a unique and descriptive file name is generated.