Define which context menu entries are available for different object types or user groups

Different combinations are possible. A MediaManager from the Post Production department can have a different set of function per video than a Browse User from the archive.

Select the corresponding Group or Type and assign functions via the check boxes below.


A user can open different external links via the context menu. Here you can define which ones are available


  • A label

  • The URL which will be opened

    • Add in curly brackets additional Parameter

      • {title} - metadata field via technical name of metadata

      • {itemID} - ITEM-VX-4711 as example

      • {collectionId} - COLLECTION-VX-4711 as example

  • Differentiate if displayed for certain media types / items or collections

Bulk Editing

On these types a bulk editing will show the options listed on actions:


It is possible to change the label for the 'Flow' entry on the context menu. Some customes e.g. prefer SendTo for legacy reasons