To enable users from VidiCore to use VidiEditor, the corresponding VidiCore rights need to be set. As a result, VidiEditor comes with a default user group storing all needed rights. If a user should use VidiEditor it can just be mapped to this group.

  • me_user group
    User need to be in me_user group to use VidiEditor. “me_user” group will automatically created during deployment. See User Groups, Roles and Metadata.

  • needed rights
    All needed rights (roles in Vidispine) are included in the me_user group. See Roles.

  • How to add a user

    • Create a new user in Vidispine.

      POST /user?passwordType=raw
      Host: {VidinetEndpoint}/API
      Content-Type: application/xml
      <UserDocument xmlns="">
        <realName>user name</realName>

    • Add any existing Vidispine user to me_user group, so that they can use VidiEditor.

      PUT /group/me_user/user/{username} 
      Host: {VidinetEndpoint}/API