If you want to add services to an already existing Vidispine API instance, you can either start a service from the Vidinet Store section, and then add it to your Vidispine instance using an API call, or you could at service creation choose to add it directly to the Vidispine instance. This articles describes how to do this.

Service creation can be initiated either from the Store section in Vidinet, or from the My Services section (Dashboard) when you have expanded a Vidispine API service instance (see picture). 


Adding a new service using an API call

Use this method if you want to add the new service using an API call, maybe as a part of a setup process.

  • Start by finding the service you want to add in the Vidinet Dashboard, and click on it to expand and see the details. 

  • In the expanded view, find the resource document. The resource document is the payload you need to send together with the API call. 

If you know your credentials

  • Replace the "vidinet://Access Key:Secret Key@26abf5fe-39ec-43d2-aa45-ae4e0ce18e19 " in the resource document with your real keys.

If you don't know your credentials

  • Create new credentials and copy the resource document from the resulting popup.

You can create new credentials in the service. Look for the panel in the picture below.

When you have your resource document with the correct credentials, post the resource document with the following API call to your Vidispine API instance:

POST https://<your-vidispine-instance>.myvidispine.com/API/resource/vidinet/

Adding a new service during service creation

Adding a new service during service creation is simpler. You just have to select what Vidispine instance you want to attach the service to, together with the password for that Vidispine instance. This is done during service creation. Select your Vidispine API, and then you will get an extra textfield to enter your admin password for that instance.  

if you instead select to launch the service from within the Vidispine API instance dashboard, the Vidispine instance will be pre-selected and you only have to enter your password. Look for the panel in the below picture. 

Adding an existing service to a Vidispine API instance

It is also possible to add an already existing service to an existing Vidispine API instance. This is done in the same panel as above, but instead select to "Add Existing". Selecting a service will popup a modal for password entry.